Nutrition Planning

Nutritious Meal Planning

This. Brings. Me. Joy!  I love to plan out a week of meals. Maybe it’s a way to release the constant reels of food and recipes that are always cycling through my brain.  I like to mix it up with my go-to-no-recipe-needed meals and trying new ideas and inspiration from other health bloggers, Pinterest or magazines. 

I know how much meal planning and preparation has helped me to maintain my personal health goals as well as have the time I want in the evening to workout, go for a walk , play with my dogs or sit back and chillax for bit.  Meal planning saves me time and money!! It prevents having to stop by the store after a long day of work; eating out (spending unnecessary money); impulsive eating and snacking (often leading to feelings of guilt); helps me get more “bang for my buck” when I can cook once and eat 2-3 meals from that one; and it prevents food waste (which by the way, is estimated to be about 42 billion pounds each year in your average American home- you can read more here).  

 I’ll walk you through some of the tips and tricks that work for me and together we will work on creating a weekly plan that accommodates the unique needs for your family.